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Alicia Raimundo

Alicia Raimundo has been described as a “mental health superhero”, battling serious bouts of anxiety, depression and a suicide attempt since the age of 13. More recently, she used her move to the University as a catalyst to seek help, and eventually, to help others. Since then, she has, given two TEDxTalks, was named one of 2012 “faces of mental illness”, spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative, headlined UN’s international youth day 2014 at the UN headquarters in New York, and represented Canada in Thailand at one young world . When she is not speaking, she writes, (find her at Huffington post and her book: red carnation), researches (working with mobilizing minds, the transition youth mental health research project out of McMaster, and others), advises (groups Co-Operators insurance, CAMH, CYCC, DeGrassi writers and others) and creates awesome and innovative programming with awesome young people ( BeChange, Bean Bag Chat as some examples).
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