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Social Media – #W2AEmbraceLife

W2A: Embrace Life

Youth Led Suicide Prevention Initiatives

Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre, 1607 East Hastings Street

February 21st - 22nd, 2018

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Suicide is the leading cause of death among young people. Let’s look to youth led initiatives as leading examples towards its prevention. Join us and @Wisdom2Action in #Vancouver this February for #W2AEmbraceLife. Registration now open:

Youth play an important role in suicide prevention. With suicide accounting for 24% of all deaths among young people, youth led initiatives are leading the way. Join us along with @Wisdom2Action @MHCC_ @EmbraceLifeNU @ymhassociation @redcrosscanada for #W2AEmbraceLife.

#W2AEmbraceLife is near, come join us and @Wisdom2Action in Vancouver this February to check out some amazing youth led suicide prevention initiatives and let's move the conversation forward together! @MHCC_ @HealthCanadaca @EmbraceLifeNU @ymhassociation @redcrosscanada

There is help. Join us and @Wisdom2Action in Vancouver this February and let's talk about promising youth led initiatives paving the way towards youth suicide prevention. Register Now:
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