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Project All-Minds: Institute for Knowledge Mobilization

Project All-Minds brought together organizations from outside the child and youth mental health system together in a series of cross-sector events and discussions for the purpose for sharing knowledge and building better solutions to the complex problems faced by children and youth in complex contexts.

The project had four components:

  1. Involvement in the 2014 Knowledge Mobilization Forum
  2. Involvement in the Knowledge Mobilization Leaders Forum
  3. Involvement in the Mobilizers public lecture series
  4. Social Network Mapping of people across sectors

Many of the impacts that we anticipate are still to be felt. This is the reason why we chose the butterfly as the image for this report. The “butterfly effect” describes our feeling that small changes in the conversations we have about knowledge mobilization may lead to larger-and hopefully positive effects on the lives of children and youth in challenging contexts.

Read the report for more details on the project’s success.

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