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Through Our Lens: A Photography and Videography Project

Laing House is a Halifax-based peer support organization for youth living with mood disorders, psychosis and/or anxiety disorders. As a recipient of Wisdom2Action’s Knowledge Mobilization Innovation Funding in 2013 (see full list of recipients here), Laing House embarked on a project of collaborative and creative digital storytelling.

Under the leadership of a Peer Support Worker, members of Laing House first learned about the equipment and the art of storytelling through images. Then, they went out into the community to capture the world through their eyes. Not only did they return with excellent footage that illustrated the impact of Laing House programming – they also came back with more confidence, improved leadership skills and, for some, a newfound passion. The footage has since been used to break down stigmas and spread awareness surrounding mental illness, in addition to promoting the work of Laing House.

Check out some of the footage!

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