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Webinar: Innovations in Care by CWLC

Child Welfare League of Canada (CWLC) offered an Innovations in Care webinar series geared towards bringing diverse voices of thought-leaders in a cohesive manner. This unique series incorporated a multi-disciplinary approach in understanding the complex terrain of child welfare issues.

It was designed to disseminate current innovative thinking, and transform the way information is shared between professionals, academics, youth, government, and the Canadian public. The series will identify, analyze, and disseminate critical understanding regarding best practices, leadership skills, and current legal and policy discussions. Read the final report “CWLC Innovations in Continuum of Care Webinar Series: Leading the Discourse on Family Well-Being in Canada” to learn more. Here’s what participants had to say about the series:

“Great information. Looking forward to the report in the New Year. A longer webinar would’ve been great to hear more”.

“Very interested in the data about recruitment. Would like to hear more about it”.

“It was my first webinar and I really enjoyed it and will certainly use the info”.

“Definitely some new bits to consider. Much is what we already know, but now we have a specific study showing us”.

“Interesting information. Looking forward to sharing it.”

“Very informative! Thank you”.

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