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Anti-Black Racism

Black Youth Voice Against Anti-Black Racism in Youth Programs and Services

Wisdom2Action is planning to host an online consultation for Black youth (18-29) to voice Anti-Black racism issues in social services on August 12, 2020 (World Youth Day) from 3-5pm EST on Zoom.

Through this consultation, we will be co-creating resources that support organizations and service-users in the long-term process of dismantling systemic racism.


Anti-Black racism and White supremacy have been pervasive in Canada, across North America and around the world.

This continues to create stark social, economic and health disparities. It has always been imperative and opportune to demand systemic change to address structural racism.

Wisdom2Action condemns the current violence enacted against Black communities by the police. This is a continuation of centuries of state and societal efforts to oppress Black people.

We extend our deepest condolences and regrets to the Black families and communities adversely impacted.

Wisdom2Action strives to have a diverse community of associates, respects Black leadership and values lived experience of anti-Black racism to lead and guide our work.

We work from an anti-oppressive approach to which the team believes in practicing cultural humility and ongoing learning.

We are committed to challenging systems, biases, microaggressions and personal privilege.

We will continue to work towards dismantling systemic oppression and implementing structural change.

We recognize the suppressed Canadian history of 206 years of slavery and the ensuing segregation of Black students, with the last segregated school in Ontario closing in 1965 and Nova Scotia’s last school closing in 1983.

We will listen and educate ourselves. We can and will do better.

Next steps:

  1. Prioritize Anti-Black Racism as a W2A long term strategic direction
  2. Launch our project looking at Addressing Anti-Black Racism in Social Services, starting with an online launch on June 29 at 3pm, led by W2A Associate Don Mahleka
  3. Share resources (launch July 1, 2020)

Please consider donating to support Black organizing efforts. Consider attending a protest. Write to your elected officials. Support local Black organizers. Now is a time for action.



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