Aaron Moniz, MEd

Co-founder of Inspire Citizens

Aaron Moniz, B.Sc, B.Ed, M.Ed, Spec Ed Cert, is the Cofounder of Inspire Citizens, following 10 years of supporting teachers and students in inclusive education and success strategies for remedial readers and English Language Learners. Aaron brings this frame into his work with administrators, teachers, students, and community members within the three Inspire Citizens’ Impact Frameworks. Aaron’s experience at the innovative Futures Academy at the International School of Beijing also developed his expertise in Project-Based Learning, Inquiry, Design Thinking, and best practice pedagogies for authentic and impactful action.

Now, as the Co-founder of Inspire Citizens, Aaron works with schools to link the world’s greatest needs to applied learning and holistic education. This involves moving teachers, programs, and schools towards designing impact projects through best practice professional learning and whole school deep implementation approaches. By embedding the tools for global competence, community well-being, and sustainable development into existing curriculum or school programs, Aaron helps any school to become a Global Impact School and strives to help any stakeholders realize that all schools have potential for positive impact in the world.

Aaron’s Expertise Includes:

  • The Empathy to Impact Approach in Schools
  • Using existing curriculum structures and slightly adapting them to create community impact projects all centred around sustainability, social justice and DEIJ, and collective wellbeing

Aaron is available for workshops, participating on panels, keynote speeches, as well as student leadership workshops, curriculum design and visioning with school stakeholders.

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