W2A: Embrace Life

Youth Led Suicide Prevention Initiatives

Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre,
1607 East Hastings Street
February 21st – 22nd, 2018

Suicide remains a leading cause of death for young people in Canada, accounting for 24 percent of all deaths among young people. Some young people are more vulnerable, especially those living in communities with higher than average suicide rates.

Across Canada, communities, organizations and health care professionals are addressing this issue through programs, services and research. Youth also play an important role in suicide prevention in Canada. Youth know the pathways to wellness and life enhancement. They lead programs in their communities that support other young people. They provide important peer support, formal and informal. They are advocates for themselves and their community.

The Wisdom2Action Vancouver event brought together community service providers, researchers, educators, policy makers, youth and others who are involved in suicide prevention and support initiatives. Emphasis was on hearing the perspectives of youth-led initiatives and adult-youth co-created programs. The event provided an opportunity to share promising practices to improve services to those affected by suicide. Participants had the opportunity to meet others doing similar work and develop networks to share best and promising innovations.

In partnership with the Mental Health Commission of Canada, Wisdom2Action is collaborating with Embrace Life Council in Nunavut, the Youth Mental Health Association (YMHA) in British Columbia, and the Canadian Red Cross to host W2A Vancouver: Embrace Life.

Like all our initiatives, W2A Vancouver was organized in partnership with our Hub partners: Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre in Iqaluit, Nunavut; the Centre de liaison sur l’intervention et la prévention psychosociales in Montreal, Quebec; and, the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health in Ottawa, Ontario. Each of our Hub partners brings tremendous regional capacity and expertise to help local organizations share and adopt evidence-informed practices.

Watch the videos, read the follow up report, and download the process evaluation.

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