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Wisdom2Action: Best Practices to Support Young Refugees

Wisdom2Action is a highly participatory workshop, bringing together groups from across the country who are responding to the needs of incoming refugee children, youth, and their families. This event established the groundwork to build a national community of practice, helping service providers and coordination initiatives stay connected and respond together to emergent trends and issues over the coming months and years as tens of thousands of refugees resettle in Canada.

Partipants at the event:

  • Learned about promising practices from across the country;
  • Shared their expertise and experiences with others;
  • Problem solved collectively on challenges facing their work;
  • Formed action plans to address these challenges;
  • Created ongoing networks with others from across the sector and across the country.

Resource Hub

Find links, resources, and materials created by Wisdom2Action and our partners to help support your work with young refugees on our emerging issues page.

Emerging Issues

Download the Event Summary Document (PDF)

Download the Event Report (PDF)

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