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Wisdom2Action: Calgary


Wisdom2Action Calgary brought together community and religious leaders, youth workers, law enforcement officials and government representatives from across Canada to share best practices for promoting the resilience of youth against violent extremism. Rather than scrutinizing the handful of youth who have become radicalized, the event focused on the resilience of youth who choose a peaceful path.

The event was born out of a research project led by Dr. Michael Ungar and Dr. Amarnath Amarsingam of the Resilience Research Center . Their internationally recognized and ground-breaking work on resilience and radicalization focuses on the protective processes that help youth avoid violence. You can read their National Post Op Ed on the event here.

Three themes for success emerged from the event: the power of youth engagement, the need for mentorship, and the effective use of the online world. The report below documents promising practices for successfuly integrating these themes into different communities, and provides an overview of the conversations held at W2A Calgary.

Download The Event Report (pdf)

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