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Wisdom2Action: From Trauma to Resilience

About the event

Wisdom2Action: From Trauma to Resilience (W2A-TR) is a knowledge mobilization and outreach event that addresses sexual violence experienced by Canadian youth. Hosted by Wisdom2Action in collaboration with local and national partners, this event will bring together a diverse group of people who are involved in preventing sexual violence and in supporting young people who experience it. W2A-TR will allow people passionate about improving the mental health and well-being of young people to build their networks and be exposed to best and promising practices.

The event is open to researchers, community service providers, educators, government agencies, youth, and others who work with young people to prevent or respond to sexual violence.

Participants at the event:

  • Learned about promising practices from across the country.
  • Shared their expertise and experiences with others;
  • Collectively problem solved on challenges facing their work.
  • Formed action plans to address these challenges.
  • Created ongoing networks with others from across the sector and across the country.

Resource Hub

You can find link, resources, and materials created by Wisdom2Action and our partners to help support your work with sexual violence


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About the Wisdom2Action Event Series

The Wisdom2Action event series was launched by Wisdom2Action (W2A) in December 2013.

The W2A model operates off of the principle that everyone in the room has important knowledge to share. We depart from traditional conference style formats, and have instead created a highly participatory design that allows all participants the opportunity to present their ideas or programs, direct the agenda for the day, and host conversations that are meaningful to them. Learn more about what you can expect at these events by downloading the W2A Brochure below.

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