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Knowledge Synthesis Reports

Wisdom2Action's knowledge synthesis reports bring together examples of best and promising practice for working with young people in challenging contexts. We’ve created summary documents, policy checklists, and videos to help you easily access the report findings and implement this knowledge into your own work.

The Knowledge Synthesis Process

Best practices emerge within the synthesis of these different types of knowledge.

These comprehensive reports are carefully researched in three different methodological stages:

  • Scoping Review
  • Environmental Scan
  • Case Examples

These stages capture the three types of knowledge that Wisdom2Action focuses on: Evidence-based practice, Practice-based evidence, and Local Knowledge.

The reports are written by research assistants and supervised by a steering committee of academics, service providers, students, and policy makers. The Youth Advisory Committee also provides insight and feedback throughout the development of these reports.

Finally, workshops with youth and service providers connected to Wisdom2Action are used to review and refine the report recommendations.


Click on the buttons below to browse our knowledge synthesis resources by document type. Our summary documents and checklists are also available in French.

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