Are you interested in sharing your
professional experiences with
anti-2SLGBTQ+ online hate?

Help inform research on how 2SLGBTQ+ communities can mitigate online hate.

This project aims to understand how Canadian nonprofits and charities that service 2SLGBTQ+ communities experience queerphobic and transphobic cyber violence and how to mitigate incidents of cyber-harassment. Participants will be asked to discuss their experiences with online hate.

For more information, please contact:
Eligibility Requirements:
  • Working in marketing, communications, social media, or other leadership roles at Canadian organizations that serve 2SLGBTQ+ communities.
  • 18+
  • Identify as 2SLGBTQ+
  • Can commit to participating in one 90-minute focus group held on Zoom.
ODLAN Questionnaire - EN

Part 1: Demographic Questions

Part 2: Scheduling a Focus Group

This study is led by the Ontario Digital Literacy and Access Network (ODLAN) , in partnership with Wisdom2Action (W2A) and Rainbow Faith and Freedom (RFF). It is funded by the department of Canadian Heritage. This research received ethics review and approval by the Delegated Ethics Review Committee at York University. For more information, please contact the Sr. Manager & Policy Advisor for the Office of Research Ethics, 5th Floor, Kaneff Tower, York University (telephone 416-736-5914 or e-mail

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