Recreation Nova Scotia:

Anti-Racism Charter in Recreation

Project Overview:

There has been an escalation of racist and discriminatory behaviour in the recreation sector locally and nationally. The impacts of these incidents on the psychological health and well-being of those affected are serious, and is made worse by the lack of supports available. In response to this, Recreation Nova Scotia (RecNS), with funding from the Department of Heritage Canada, is working with Wisdom2Action (W2A) to develop an Anti-Racism Charter. The Charter will provide unifying guidelines for the recreation sector to address and combat systemic racism within the sector. 

Project Objectives:

  • Confront racism within the recreation sector.
  • Foster equitable treatment and opportunities for all accessing recreation.
  • Promote and lead conversations around diversity, equity, racism and religious discrimination on provincial, national and international levels. 
  • Contribute further research and evidence that highlights the disparities and issues faced by members of marginalized communities in recreation. 

Steering Committee & Youth Advisory Council:

The development of the Anti-Racism Charter will be informed largely through stakeholder engagement, as well as a six-person Steering Committee composed of leaders in the recreation sector. Additionally, a four-person Youth Advisory Council made up of youth with lived experience, will also inform the Charter elements and related activities.

Stakeholder engagement will include:

  • A survey to understand how racism and discrimination exist and are experienced across the sector, what assets exist in the sector to address racism and discrimination, and what an Anti-Racism Charter should include.
  • Focus Groups to expand on the issues raised and feedback provided by survey respondents.
  • Town Halls for those who have not participated in earlier consultation activities to contribute to the project and its intended outcomes.
  • Training that focuses on addressing key themes shared via the survey and focus groups.
  • Meetings with Policy Makers to share the stakeholder consultation process and seek input on the Charter’s development, as well as provide guidance on ways to enhance its adoption throughout the province.
  • Interviews to engage any relevant stakeholders who could not partake in the consultation process.


  • The stakeholder engagement process will take place from March 2022 to June 2022. 
  • Data collected from stakeholder engagement will be analyzed with the help of the Steering Committee and Youth Advisory Council members. This information will be used to draft the Charter. 
  • A draft Charter along with project findings will be shared at a Summit in fall 2022, with a focus on applications of the Charter and encouraging the adoption of the Charter amongst stakeholders. 
  • The final copy of the Anti-Racism Charter will be publicly shared in late fall 2022. The Charter will be widely distributed and promoted.

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