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Wisdom2Action (formerly Children and Youth in Challenging Contexts Network) is a national knowledge mobilization (KMb) initiative based at Dalhousie University that supports researchers, community based organizations, educators, policy makers, and others working to improve the mental health and well-being of vulnerable children and youth.

Wisdom2Action was established with the goal of strengthening the connection between evidence and practice, and facilitating cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary knowledge sharing and collaboration between those working to improve the lives of vulnerable young people from across Canada.

Wisdom2Action works to build capacity of organizations and their staff through knowledge mobilization, evaluation and training.

Our organizational development strategies help groups articulate guiding principles, implement strategic plans, manage staff transitions, and evaluate performance.

We provide custom training and consulting services, and increase network connections to increase capacity, so that they can work more effectively to better serve youth and communities.

Wisdom2Action’s knowledge synthesis reports bring together examples of best and promising practice for working with young people in challenging contexts. We’ve created summary documents, policy checklists, and videos to help you easily access the report findings and implement this knowledge into your own work.


Designed to help you evaluate, share, and improve your work with vulnerable children and youth.

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