Who Are We?

Wisdom2Action is a national social enterprise and consulting firm specializing in community engagement, creative facilitation, research and evaluation, knowledge mobilization, and EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion).

Wisdom2Action was founded in 2011 as the Children and Youth in Challenging Contexts Network at Dalhousie University through the federal government’s Networks of Centres of Excellence Knowledge Mobilization program. In 2018, Wisdom2Action incorporated as a social enterprise. As a social enterprise, we work with nonprofits, health and social services, governments and other organizations to facilitate change and strengthen communities.



Facilitate Change and Strengthen Communities


A world in which individuals and communities live free of violence and oppression, and have the resources and supports they need to thrive.

Our Values:


We acknowledge the realities of racism, sexism, colonialism, transphobia, homophobia, and other forms of oppression shape the experiences of individuals, organizations and communities. We are committed not only to acknowledging these systems, but actively resisting them in every aspect of our work.


We believe that communities are key to facilitating change. We are committed to meaningful community engagement in all of our work. We believe that our work is strengthened by the meaningful, intentional and ongoing engagement of the communities we work with.


We believe in working together with key partners, communities, and sectors to strengthen our impact. Investing in collaborative partnerships is at the core of our work. When we collaborate, we enhance our impact to the benefit of all of our organizations and our communities.


We believe in using evidence to inform all aspects of our work. We believe that evidence comes from both traditional research and the wisdom of communities and people with lived experience. Our approach combines both community knowledge and academic evidence to guide our work.