Implementing a Youth Mental
Health Apps Database in Canada


Wisdom2Action and RBC Future Launch are working together to explore the implementation of a Canadian youth mental health apps database. Such a database would allow youth, families and service providers to use a virtual platform to search for and find mental health apps that meet their unique needs. 

What do we mean by a 'youth mental health apps database'?

There are tons of mental health apps out there, created by all sorts of people and organizations. It can be hard to find information about different apps, or to find the specific kind of apps you’re looking for. A database can help with that. Through a database, we would be able to identify and evaluate youth mental health apps, and help you search for one that works. 

Where do you come in?

As a young person, family member, caregiver or service provider, you have a unique and important perspective on what you want and need from a youth mental health apps database. By sharing your thoughts, ideas and priorities, you are helping us build a database that is truly reflective, relevant and useful to all.

Please consider completing our survey, and signing up for either a focus group or key informant interview to help us better understand your needs, perspectives and priorities.

We are committed to ensuring diverse perspectives are centered throughout our engagement initiatives. As such, we are hosting both a series of general focus groups and key informant interviews open to everyone, as well as a series of focus groups and key informant interviews exclusively for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) youth, service providers and families. In the below registration links, you will find further details on all engagement opportunities.

To compensate you for your time and participation in this initiative, we have allocated a 25$ honorarium for key informant interview participants, and a 50$ honorarium for participants in focus groups. All participants will be contacted following their respective interview or focus group with an honorarium form, upon the completion of which we will provide compensation via e-transfer or Visa gift card.

This initiative is guided by a national youth advisory committee as well as a steering committee which includes representatives from local, provincial and national mental health organizations.

If you have any questions about this project, please do not hesitate to contact our project coordinator:

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