Veronica Merryfield

Founder of the Cape Breton Transgender Network

Veronica (Ms/she/her) was born in the east end of London, grew up in Southampton. Motivated by music, Veronica got into electronic in her teens in order to make her own synthesizers. After completing an electrical and electronic engineering degree in Portsmouth, she worked in Cambridge, Tel Aviv and Vancouver before moving to Cape Breton.

She has worked in a broad spectrum of markets, including pro audio and music, automotive, rail, air, mobile, oil and gas, agriculture, medical, security, film and industrial control, to name a few in a variety of positions both technical and in sales, marketing, business development etc and in management to c-level. She has taught at Dalhousie in the past helping tech startups.

Veronica’s journey to womanhood is a road less travelled and identifies as intersex and transgender – her transgender journey uncovered the intersex condition. Drawing from her lived experiences, Veronica now provides training and consultancy on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion both locally, nationally and internationally. She is chair of several nonprofit boards and the founder of the Cape Breton Transgender Network. She has worked to change legislation and was involved in the conversion therapy ban.

Veronica has two daughters and four grandchildren, dabbles in instrument making, and speaks on the subject, plays bass guitar and keyboards, is a writer, photographer and partial to a decent cup of tea.

Veronica’s Expertise Includes:

  • Intersex and transgender Issues
  • 2SLGBTQ+ Issues
  • EDI
  • Conversion Therapy
  • 2SLGBTQ+ in STEM

Veronica is available for keynote speeches, workshops and panels.

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