Our Team

Alice Gauntley

Alice Gauntley (she/her) is a project officer with Wisdom2Action based in Tkaronto, on the traditional territory of…

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Brandon Mott

Brandon is the creative design and communications officer at Wisdom2Action, acting as lead for all of our visual…

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Sreya Roy

Sreya Roy (she/her) is a Project Officer with Wisdom2Action based in Brampton, Ontario, on the treaty lands…

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Jesse Clarke

Jesse Clarke is a Wisdom2Action senior associate living and working in Tkaronto, on the traditional territory of…

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Marion Brown

Marion Brown (she/her) is a social worker and educator in K’jipuktuk, Mi’kmaq Territory, with 25 years’…

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C Icart

C is a Black, queer, and trans student pursuing a master’s in Political Science at Simon Fraser University. Their research interests include…

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